Legendary Elephant Has Spent His Life In Chains. Tomorrow, He’ll Walk Free.


Thong Bai is a legendary elephant and is known as a symbol of Thailand’s Surin province. He is a giant bull elephant and one of the world’s most majestic creatures.

The elephant has even been a movie star, appearing in feature films. His striking image is used to sell Thai beer. But what many of his fans do not realize is that Thong Bai has lived the majority of his life shackled in chains.


Unfortunately, living in chains is the sad reality that the majority of these amazing animals must face each day. They are so awe inspiring, people cannot resist trying to possess them and exploit them for personal gain.


There are those who oppose this sort of treatment and are truly concerned for Thong Bai’s well being. To some, he is merely a symbol. To others, he is an individual who has feelings and a life story that has yet to be told.


Thong Bai’s tale is finally becoming public and once the concerned parties discovered that he was living in chains, they became determined to help him out.

Lek Chailert is one of the world’s most famous advocates for the improved treatment of elephants like Thong Bai. He invited other advocates to visit Thong Bai, such as Khun NuNa Silpa-archa. When they caught a glimpse of how Thong Bai was living, they began to work on a way to provide him with a happier existence.


They spoke to Thong Bai’s owners about his deplorable treatment and began working together to build him a proper home. At long last, they found a place for him to live, at the Surin Project. The Surin Project provides a home for elephants like Thong Bai, that have never been allowed to live free.


An expansive enclosure was constructed for him, which gave him the long awaited opportunity to shed his shackles and live as God intended. He will have sunny spots and shady spots to stand in and can even roll around in the mud, if he so chooses.


Thanks to the efforts of his rescuers, Thong Bai no longer has to wear a chain. He is able to live his life to the fullest, without any sort of constraints. This amazing story should be shared with all of the elephant lovers in your friends and family. The majesty of these creatures cannot be understated and by getting the word out, they can be freed from their makeshift prisons.


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