This Kitty Was Born Without Her Front Legs. When You See How She Gets Around, You’ll MELT!


Roux (pronounced Roo) is a bunny cat of sorts. She was born with a deformity, where she doesn’t have her two front legs. However, this has not slowed her down, and veterinarians believe that she is not in pain in any way.

Her owner works for veterinary office and got the call that this cat had been surrendered because she was unable to bury her waste in the kitty litter. It was love at first sight, and Roux seem like the perfect name because the cat has learned to hop around, similar to a kangaroo or a bunny.
Sure, the cat requires a little bit more special attention, but she has been managing just fine. She can play, run around the house, and get into trouble, just like any other cat. The video is just over one minute and shows Roux in action so you can see how she is able to manage.

Luckily, she has nubs in the front, which allows her to move around a little bit better. You wouldn’t expect the cat to be able to move as quickly as she does, given that she doesn’t have front cause, but she uses her back legs considerably as a way of bunny hopping around. If you have never seen a bunny cat, this is definitely the video that you want to see. It is absolutely priceless to see how she moves – and she isn’t bothered by her disability in one bit.

It was lucky for the cat that she was able to find such a loving owner. Many cats born with deformities are often put down because they cannot find owners who will care for them.

Every day is cuddle day with Roux living in the house. Plus, she has it made with plenty of toys, antiquarian where she can stare fish, and all the love and attention she could ask for. She has become quite the Internet star, too. On Instagram, she had more than 100,000 followers – and this is growing all the time.
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Check out the video for yourself. We are convinced that you are going to fall in love with Roux just like everyone else has. Share away on social media and see what people have to think.

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