Kitty Loves His Bottle So Much He Demands His Bottle Meow!


Okaki is a Himalayan kitten that was accidentally abandoned by his mother probably when she transported her brood to a new hiding spot. This is the story of how Okaki took to the bottle after his mother abandoned him. The video and photos are some of the most charming and amusing examples of the patience that cats and cat adopters have in teaching a kitten how to feed from a bottle.


The bottle is about one-third of the size of the kitten. The fuzzy little cat seems a bit intimidated at first but according to his adoptive parents he learned what the bottle meant quickly and despite a totally unknown experience took to the bottle immediately. The little cat just cannot get enough.


The video is heartwarming and funny. The little ball of white fur just cannot stop until the bottle is dry. The cat even loses a bit of his dinner drooling away the milk because he is such a gluttonous little guy. The adoptive parents claim the cat learned what the bottle meant so well that he developed a special meow that signaled when he wanted to be fed.


It is rare that a cat abandons her kittens. Cats have been proven to be able to count. The idea is that the mother knows the number of her kittens by smell. Counting is a brain stem operation and does not require upper cortex functions like most people think. It is unfortunate in a way that Okaki got lost from his family.


The loss of one family meant an adoption by people that know kittens and know how to take care of them. Okaki looks extremely delighted with his new home as he lies back and drains yet another bottle. The tiny kitten just cannot get enough of the bottle and even follows the bottle around asking for more. If a person did this psychologists would call it an addiction.


This video and the accompanying photos are without a doubt one of the cutest and enthralling cat shows you will ever see. Your heart just warms and goes out to Okaki and his humans as the little cat slurps away. Share this one with any cat lover and make their day.

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You could use this video and the photos that go with it as an instruction guide for the feeding, care, and possibly the spoiling of abandoned kittens. The warmth and humor of the scenes should be an encouragement to people to adopt an abandoned cat.

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