A Kitten Was Found Alone In The Pouring Rain. What Happened Next Will Melt Your Heart.


How many of us truly pay attention to the world around us when we are walking in the rain? For the most part, we are more concerned with keeping our umbrellas upright and trying to make it home as fast as possible. But the woman in this video is a special sort, one who saw an animal in need and decided to help.

If only everyone could be as kind hearted as Kathryn Van Beek, oh, what a world we could live in. She was caught out in the rain one day when she saw something that almost resembled a rat. Whereas most of us would take that as our cue to run away as fast as we could, Kathryn is not like everyone else.

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She went to investigate and found a poor little kitten, struggling to shelter itself from the inclement weather conditions. Her strong motherly instincts sprang into action and she immediately set about the task of caring for this tiny, defenseless creature.

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When she initially scooped up the kitten, she realized that his umbilical cord had not even been cut yet. Who could toss a kitten aside that quickly? Dubbing him Bruce Wayne (after another famous orphan), she took the little guy home and started doing everything in her power to make sure he got well, including feeding him with an eye dropper.

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Bruce was amazingly tiny and unable to open his eyes. He spent 12 days with his mother without ever opening up those peepers and struggled to put on weight. The small kitten barely even budged the scale when he was weighed and by all accounts, the animal’s prognosis was quite bleak.


But soon enough, he would decide to open his beautiful eyes and share them with the world around him. He began to make incredible strides, thanks to the help of his doting mother. He developed an intense determination to live, even starting to eat all by himself. Mom’s hard work would pay off, as Bruce grew bigger, stronger and healthier.


Nine weeks later, Bruce weighed a whopping 2 pounds and looked nothing like the animal who was lost in the rain. To see the rest of Bruce’s dramatic transformation, be sure to watch this entire clip.

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Bruce is now a major celebrity, with his own Facebook page and tons of followers. After you’ve seen Bruce in action, take a moment to share this video with your friends and loved ones.

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