Kitten Survives A Raccoon Attack, But What Happens Next Will Break Your Heart


Sir Stuffington the pirate cat did not begin his young life on the sea. The cat’s family was killed by a raccoon. The badly injured Sir Stuffington benefited from the kindness and care of a family that rescued the near dead cat.

This heartbreaking and at the same time heart warming set of photographs shows the progress back to health of this intrepid little cat. The cat lost his right eye and suffered irreparable damage to his nose and mouth. The injuries were permanent despite the best efforts of veterinary surgeons.

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The family helped the cat along with all the kindness and love they had. The little cat was also nurtured by step-siblings from the family’s other cat. The damaged Sir Stuffington now enjoys a normal and happy life with his adoptive family.


The cat still carries the scars of his near fatal encounter with a raccoon. The family dresses the cat as a pirate including an eye patch on Halloween. This is called making the best of a bad situation and finding humor in even the worst of circumstances.


No one should blame the raccoon for being a raccoon. Cats invading a raccoon’s territory are considered enemies. The fault lies with people that leave house cats to fend for themselves in the wild. Most abandoned cats just do not live for very long because they have not learned the coping skills they need to survive in the wild.

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Share this little tale of survival, love, and piracy with all the people you know that love cats or have a heart. The pictures are in no way gruesome. The cat actually looks pretty normal and certainly acts like a regular cat.


Share this story of a family that went way beyond what is considered normal to save an abandoned and injured little kitten. The photos are proof positive that love conquers all ills if you work enough. The sense of humor in doing the cat up as a pirate is a wonderful thumb of the nose at a fate that is often unkind and people that are cruel and uncaring.


The little group of photos epitomizes the fact that any cat or anyone can achieve a normal life regardless of their impairments if they have a bit of help. The photos are a reminder to all people considering adopting a cat that damaged animals make great pets. Physical imperfection does not imply a lack of the ability to love or bring joy to the world.



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