Kitten Gets Rejected By A Cat Mom, But Then Finds His Real Mom! Aww!


IT is really sad to think about the fact that some moms take the courage and abandon their little ones. Like the cat in this story did. The real mother of this kitty abandoned her baby, and decided to leave her alone in the wild. I have no information why the mother of this kitty took this decision, but I can say that it was a really wrong one. It is really difficult for a kitty to make it on her own. There is a scary world out there, and without a family it could be really hard to survive.

Fortunately this lucky kitten was able to find herself a loving mother. A mother that accepted the kitten as her own, even though it was the first time seeing each-other.

kitty and cat5

Since this kitty found herself alone in the middle of nowhere, then she found herself a brand new family. Top that with a really loving mother, who accepted this kitty instantly as her own. i think these caring mothers would never ever drive their children away because their children are the reason behind their life.

kitty and cat4

This cat was really sweet, and gentle with this big kitty. Even though she was seeing her for the first time, she still accepted her to approach her little ones. This big cat allowed the kitty to lay dows with the rest, and snuggle.

kitty and cat2

No one is never too old for a warm hug, or a warm welcome. Everyone would deeply appreciate what this cat did. She also let the kitty to sleep with there little kittens. I guess the bed would feel warmer with an extra member.

kitty and cat2

I think that what this cat did is just priceless. It really gave us all a big lesson. Love is never too much for those who need it. We should never prove the other from love, just because they are different, or not attached to us genetically. There are so many good people out there that would make our life a little brighter, but we will never discover any of them, if we don’t let them in our life first.

kitty and cat1

Treat others like you wanna be treated. Share if you believe in the power of love.

kitty and cat

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