Animals suffer injuries and are born with birth defect just like people. It is unfair.


Animals suffer injuries and are born with birth defect just like people. It is unfair. People that really care about animals and other people are always developing new and extremely innovative ways to help the handicapped overcome their disability and live a full and happy life.

No one realized that the tuxedo colored ten-day-old kitten could not walk until a family from South Carolina adopted the cat and his siblings. The family and their friends at Friends of the HCACC made a plea on the internet for help to get the kitten they named Tiny Tim back on all of his feet. Tiny Tim was the little boy that could not walk in Dickens’ story “A Christmas Carol”.

Volunteers from a company called SubProto that deals in experimental technology design created a suit and a set of wheels for Tiny Tim. You have to watch the video to get the thrill of the little cat’s first steps with his cat wheelchair.


This is a really touching and inspiring video. The majority of people would have just let Tiny Tim crawl about until he died but a few people were interested enough in helping a crippled kitten and smart enough to design a solution that worked for the cat’s disability.

You need to understand that none of these people had to do this. They did it because they saw the need and felt compassion for the lame little kitten. The video speaks of the power of the internet in connecting people that can solve a problem in an innovative and creative way.


You have to watch the video to get the difference in feeling that the cat has once he can get about like a normal cat. You can actually see the kitten’s expression brighten and his eyes light up as he takes his first steps in his new wheelchair.

This short little video and the pictures that come with it are absolutely worth sharing. Seeing the little cat walk for the first time will make anyone’s day. Sharing the video can help organizations like Friends of the HCACC care for abused, injured, and neglected animals.


Just a few dollars can make you a part of a man-made “miracle” that helps some other disabled animal live a full life.

The engineers expect to have to make adaptations to Tiny Tim’s prosthetic legs as the cat grows. The original design is size adaptable and can now be used by cats and other animals that have the same or similar birth defects or injuries as Tiny Tim.

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