Kids Taken To Hunt Deer End Up Befriending One Instead


Young cousins Hunter and Briell were out with their parents on the last day of hunting season, learning about the sport from their parents. The boys had never been on a hunting trip, and were excited about trying their hand, or, their shot.

Hunter was lining up his aim and getting ready to take a shot at the deer with his pellet gun. Hunter’s father stopped him, explaining to his son that the deer was too young still to shoot at. Hunter lowered his pellet gun and watched, expecting the deer to take off.


The deer then did something amazing that would become an excellent learning experience still for the two boys. The deer walked toward them both and allowed the boys, and older family members, to pet him! The young animal even stayed for a photo op, showing off his new friendship with the humans.

Hunter and Briell’s parents, experienced hunters, couldn’t help but to admire how adorable the animal was, and got their fair share of pictures with the deer as well. Happy to not be target practice for the family anymore, he almost looks like he’s smiling in the pictures!


The experience between the family and the animal was praised by other local members of the hunting community, and even the town’s sheriff, who took to twitter explaining the fact that the incident didn’t happen on a deer farm, or in a pet store, and that the family was just making their way to their stand in Shawano county, on the last day of hunting season, and ended up befriending this deer!


So, it looks like they won’t be shooting their first deer this hunting season, but Hunter and Briell don’t seem to mind one bit, as they’ve found something much more important instead. Instead of learning about hunting for sport they learn about the bonds that can develop between human and animal, even in the most unexpected places or situations.


Nevertheless, this will be a trip with the family that the two young boys, or their parents, will ever forget! Going on the last day of hunting season to learn how to kill a deer, and ending up with a deer as a friend instead! Now that’s a memory!

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