19 K9 Puppies In Training Trying To Act Tough, But End Up Looking Adorable!


Police dogs and their human partners serve the community very well, but their training begins from the early stages of their lives. That is when they are a lot younger, which is mostly from the time they are puppies. Starting this training from such an early age leads to police dogs that are excellent at their jobs and some fabulous puppy photos that can make you smile. These puppies look so cute on K9 officer-identification harness. Criminal offenders should watch out because this police puppies can arrest them with their good looks.

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One example of these puppies is a little adorable German Shepherd, named Tuco. As a puppy, Tuco still had a long way to go before he can begin the job (fighting crime as a K-9 with the Boston Police Department). Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog, an organization that assists police dogs by providing the essential equipment, bulletproof vests, purchase of dogs, and training for law enforcement K9 programs and police all through the state. Recently uploaded a photo of Tuco, who is now a part of the Boston K9 Unit when he was just a 9-week-old puppy.

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The nine-week-old officer was spotted trying on a K9 officer-identification harness for law enforcement, which he may wear one day when he has grown-up. Not surprisingly, this photo took the internet by storm shortly after it was posted. The photograph went viral, with numerous commenters on social media forums expressing their admiration for how cute Tuco looked. So far, the picture of this cute dog has been shared nearly 2,000 times on Facebook. Tuco is now six months of age, but back then as a puppy; he was way too little to fit in on a bullet proof vest.

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Boston Magazine recently met with Tuco’s owner, Troy Caisey, a police department dog trainer to learn about this ambitious puppy’s chances of putting on the K9 uniform officially.

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Tuco’s owner believes everything depends on the dog and how he matures. Caisey said he is doing foundation work with Tuco now, and that in a couple of months he will know if Tuco can make it as a police dog, and when his formal training will begin. “I am doing little things with him for now,” he said, but there will be no formal training until later.”Police dogs training typically begins when they are 18 months old, according to Caisey. The dogs will undergo a very intensive 14-week course before graduating to begin a career in law enforcement.

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If this adorable dog’s training goes well, he will join other dogs currently serving with the police around the United States. K9 units are hired by police departments in the United States and are used to find and arrest suspects, track down evidence, and to detect narcotics and explosives. The Boston Police Department has 26 dogs actively in service.

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