It’s A Normal Day At The Nursing Home, But Now Keep Your Eyes On The Red-Haired Lady, OH MY!


nowadays just seem to grow colder and colder. No matter what we do, no matter how we educate people they just keep on getting colder. It’s incredible, and weird and sad at the same time, since apparently we cannot do anything about it, while people just keep on growing colder. Every day we see news of people doing horrible things, and even outside of the news we see people doing stuff they wouldn’t be proud to tell their parents about. Maybe we have even done so ourselves, and sometimes if the damage isn’t too big, it’s okay because we’re human and we make mistakes. What really counts, though, is trying to make up for our mistakes and trying to make the world a better place. Every time someone makes the world a better place, God smiles and a lot of people here on Earth do so as well. That is why news about people being nice to each other keep on getting viral everywhere in the world.
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In this video we see a little bit of care that a group in Minneapolis decided to have towards the seniors at Mount Olivet Senior Care Center. The seniors were completely unaware that this was going to happen, so it was a pleasant surprise for them, and they did get a little spoiled but they actually deserve it.

This random act of kindness was done by the group I AM KINDNESS and it is made out of volunteers that keep on performing these acts in Minneapolis. The group seeks to promote goodwill, to inspire people and to make everybody smile. This group should be an example for a lot of people in the world, and Earth would be a much better place if a lot of people decided to do these acts of kindness.

I AM KINDNESS decided to give the seniors a little bit of makeup and to take care of them a little bit so that they would look their best. Why did they need to look their best? For the photo-shoot that they did later on, of course! As you can see in the video, the seniors loved this little surprise and they were actually quite happy, you can tell by the photos.

Seniors are often forgotten, their families are just too busy to take care of them and give them attention, and society itself will most likely only take care of them if they can get some money in return. Groups like I AM KINDNESS are there to make a difference, as they ask for nothing in return whenever they make these surprises to people, the only thing they want to see is a smile on the face of the people they help, and that is beautiful.

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