It Was A Simple Mistake That Took Their Child’s Life. This 2-Minute Video May Save Yours.


Being forced to bury a child is every parent’s worst nightmare. The parents in this story are living proof. They had done everything in their power to prepare themselves to be a great mother and father. Years of preparation had led them to believe that parenting would come easy and after little Charlie was born, the couple thought their journey had just begun. There was simply no way for them to know about the tragic accident that was about to take place, a moment that would forever alter the course of their lives. Charlie was just two and a half years old on the fateful day that his mother laid him down for his customary nap. After being left alone by his mother, Charlie then decided it was time to escape his bed. He woke up and began to scale his dresser. Unfortunately, the dresser could not support the child’s weight and it toppled over, crushing him instantly. The saddest part of all is that the dresser that was responsible for ending his life stood merely 30 inches high. There is a simple and easy way to avoid making this very understandable mistake. Charlie’s parents did not take the time to anchor their furniture, so that it would remain upright, even when a curious little boy decides to climb on top of it. If a child climbs an entertainment center and pulls a television set down, they are struck with the equivalent of a thousand pound blow.

A staggering 25,000 children sustain injuries due to furniture that has not been properly anchored, a statistic that is not only saddening, but also avoidable. By anchoring your household furniture to studs in the wall, you can help to prevent the next tragic accident that cuts a young child’s life short.

Fortunately for concerned parents who wish to keep their children protected, there are a wide range of anti tipping devices that can be purchased at an affordable price. They are also very easy to install and parents who are unsure about the correct installation techniques can watch this helpful two minute video, which provides the instructions needed. Not only the installation incredibly easy, but it can also be the deciding factor that helps to save your curious child’s life.

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