It’s Time We All Admit That Little Donkeys Are The Best Animals


Recently, miniature donkeys are beginning to gain popularity because they are becoming known to more people than ever. There is hardly a small donkey that will not make a great pet. These lovely beasts of burden grow between an average of 32 and 36 inches tall. Despite their smallness, these miniature donkeys can still labor if trained to do so. They can carry a pack or pull a cart even at age 3.


Usually, the first creatures to come to our mind whenever we think of cute animals are the common household pets – puppies, kittens and bunnies. Small donkeys never make the list. The baby donkey is one of the adorable baby animals that can make our world a beautiful place to stay.

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Although a donkey is generally known to be a very stubborn animal that hates yielding to instruction; however, their babies are not so. Minis are particularly known to be lovable, docile and kind. This is one major reason why they are often preferred to be kept as pets. Both with humans and other animals, small donkeys have a reputation for being affectionate and loyal.


A mini donkey can bond with a farm animal such as sheep to protect them against canine predators like coyotes, wild dogs, and foxes as if they were one of its own. Mini donkeys get along so well with children and in most cases they are seen to be very kind and extra careful with them. They are also good friends with dogs and cats too. When the time is right, it is easy for these pets to cuddle up due to their small nature.

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Even among themselves, they do not cease to show affection. Mother donkeys do not cease to care for their young ones until they become competent enough to take proper care of themselves. To this end, it is imperatively important to treat these wonderful pack animals with all sense of belonging fairness and affection.


Although minis are said to be distant cousins to horses, but they have got cuter factor due to their furrier bodies. Their babies are even fuzzier and add those large ears and knobbly knees to the mix. There is hardly anything you will not love about a baby donkey.


Let’s show more love to these animals and avoid any form of discrimination and neglect.


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