It May Look Like A Normal Cat, But When He Opens His Eyes… Whoa!


Cats are endowed with lovely eyes, and these eyes are not just for the sake of beauty, but for them to see in the dark because cats are nocturnal creatures and are mostly seen at night.

Their eyes are built with more rods in their retinas which can be used for seeing objects at night, and also, it helps them to absorb ambient light. This ambient light is then reflected back to individuals as they look at the cat.

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The pupil of a cat is much larger than that of other animals and even humans, and this feature is quite common among nocturnal animals.

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Almost all cat eyes are beautiful, but the eyes of Coby are the prettiest you can ever imagine. Coby is a new celebrity on the scene and has won hearts all over the planet, and his fans include both cat lovers and dog lovers. Coby, the special cat, has icy blue colored eyes crowned with a beautiful fur of snow white.

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This pretty cat is a short hair cat and is of a British origin. The short hair cats are well known for their gentle disposition and can be compared to human introverts. Coby, the cat, is an ideal example of a great temperament and calm nature with an awesome personality to go with his alluring beauty.

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Coby became an internet sensation in 2015 when he joined Instagram and has garnered over 400,000 followers, and his fans keep growing every day. His owners, who are not known but reside in the UK, enjoy playing dress up with him for some special occasions and even holidays.

In all his pictures, you can tell that Cody loves to be photographed, and he looks cute in all pictures like a born model.

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Even though Cody is a celebrity cat, he is just like every other kitty, and he likes to sit in the sink and play. Cody also loves to fit into tiny spaces and is said to have a great personality. He also likes eating fish, in particular, tuna and playing with his rubber duck while in the bathroom along with stealing covers. There is always a smile to be observed around Cody as his beauty, and calm demeanor makes him stand out among many others like him.

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Cody is seen on his Instagram page wearing so many outfits, at one time, he was dressed at a cute pirate and another time, he was dressed as a lion. He was also dressed as Santa Claus and rocked a bow tie with a champagne glass in front of him. He was also seen in an office wear and looked the part of a tired office worker. Coby seems so content with being the center of attraction as he boldly poses in all his pictures and also would make a great actor.

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