It Looks Like An Ordinary Loaf Of Bread, But When She Pulls It Apart… YUMMY!


For those who like to cook and for those that do not want to spend a fortune on great tasting monkey-bread that pulls apart for snacking while watching the big game or vegging out in a television marathon, here is a quick and easy recipe for making your own.
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Kraft developed the recipe and the lady explaining the recipe uses specific products but there is no reason the recipe will not work with other brands. An unnamed lady in the video takes you through a step by step instruction that is really simple. The recipe is called Kraft garlic Parmesan cheese monkey-bread.

This is how it is done.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Separate a can of biscuits. These are the roll type biscuits. Cut the biscuits into quarters.

Mix two tablespoons of margarine, two tablespoons of Kraft grated Parmesan cheese, one teaspoon of Italian seasoning, and one-half of a teaspoon of garlic in a bowl that is big enough to hold all of the biscuit quarters. Add the biscuit pieces and toss the ingredients thoroughly but not so rapidly that the dough loses its consistency. The idea is to coat the biscuit pieces completely.

Spray a nine-inch round pan with cooking spray. Place the coated biscuit pieces in the pan. The biscuit pieces need to touch each other so the bake together but can be easily pulled apart.

Cover the biscuit pieces with one-half of a cup of Kraft Shredded Italian Five Cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia.

Cook for 20 to 25 minutes. The biscuits should be golden brown. Let the cooking pan cool for 10 minutes and transfer the entire contents of the pan to a wire rack.

Warm half of a cup of spaghetti sauce for dipping.

This is so simple that anyone can do this.

This is a subtle hint. Get your kids to learn how to do this and then you have free time before the big game or television night to do other things while your kids have fun making the food. It is probably wise to have a teenager supervise young children. You could make this little treat as a family affair and bonding time.

If you are making this treat for a crowd, then pick a larger pan for baking and double or triple the recipe. This makes cooking a one-time affair and you will not run out of the snack or have to make more and miss part of the fun.

The snack is high in a lot of stuff that is not good for you if you eat it all of the time. You should keep this in mind for your family’s health and make garlic Parmesan cheese monkey-bread for special occasions.

This version of garlic Parmesan cheese monkey-bread may cost you three dollars to make not including your time. That price beats any franchise’s garlic Parmesan cheese monkey-bread by at least five dollars. You do not have to leave the house to go and buy the garlic Parmesan cheese monkey-bread either.

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