It Looks Like A Plain White Wedding Cake, UNTIL The Music Begins To Play!


Every little girl has dreamed of growing up to become a princess. While many adult women may deny it, at least once in their lives they have wished for a big white wedding to the prince of their dreams. Sadly, princes are a rare commodity these days.
The Disney Phenomenon

Disney cartoons make up a huge part of our childhood. It influences children in many ways, making them want to reach for their dreams, which in most cases involves wearing a gown that changes from pink to blue and back again, wanting to live in a castle with of woodland creatures to do their chores. Thanks, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White!

As little girls, many of us have envisioned a beautiful dress, a castle for a venue and of course, a big, fluffy wedding cake that looks too good to eat. However, as we grow up we begin to “settle” and some of us set our princess dreams aside to make room for a 9-to-5 job, shrieking toddlers and our average Joe of a husband.

The only time we think of Sleeping Beauty is when we are up to our ears in chores and have forgotten to chug down the caffeine fix of our choice. On days like that we wish we could sleep for a hundred years. But aside from that, our Disney fantasies are forgotten.

A Wedding Cake Like No Other

While we vow to put all of our girly dreams behind us and face marriage head on, one woman decided that she would let her Disney dream live on. This determined princess decided to have a Disney fairytale cake made that would incorporate all her girlish fantasies.

This beautiful white cake looks plain on its own. It lacks the trimmings and flowers and all the decadent add-ons that we are used to seeing. However, thanks to projection mapping, you will soon see that it is more than just a plain cake with a castle on top. It is a masterpiece waiting to happen.

All You Need Is Pixie Dust

This is a cake that will put all pother wedding cakes to shame. It starts with Tinkerbell sprinkling pixie dust on the cake. But it does not stop there. Cinderella’s pumpkin coach shows up, as if to take the happy couple up to the castle on top. We all swooned in girlish glee when we read the message on the cake at the end of the presentation.

Fairytales do come true. Did they live happily ever after? Only time can tell. But a cake this beautiful will be remembered as the one that put other wedding cakes to shame. It may be time to learn more about projection mapping, brides-to-be!

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