It is really amazing to see what these rescuers did with this baby giraffe. I am speechless


Nowadays it is really easy to spread the word. Thanks to the telecommunication, and social media news spread faster now. If we did not have access to this kind of technology, can you believe how hard would it be to find out what happens around the world? The reason I am saying this is because of the amazing story in the video below! Allow me to give you a hint:

A orphaned baby giraffe was rescued by an orphanage. The story is truly amazing. Looks like the orphanage was contacted from the locals, who had seen the baby giraffe wandering around all by itself. Once they heard about it, the DSWT orphanage decided to get into action ASAP. What they did for this baby giraffe was truly amazing. They sent a small airplane to get the baby giraffe and bring it to the Vet, and to a Nursery home afterwards. From what they understood the baby giraffe was about one-week old, and he needed someone to take special care of him.

They never found out what happened to the mother of this baby, but they think that she has been killed. Once they brought the baby giraffe to the Nursery home, they decided to call him KOKO. Koko is really friendly with all the other rescuers, and the people who take care about him. As you will see in the video, he had such a great attitude when they rescued him. I mean he did not do anything to those who caught him, and carried him to the plane. Probably Koko knew that these people were going to help him. Now he is going to live his life better than he could have ever thought. People are taking care of him, he has got some new very interesting friends, and a gorgeous new house. Share away to appreciate the great work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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