Is Global Warming Stealing The World’s Magic Animals


Many of the planet’s most rare and beautiful species are becoming extinct. According to many respected scientists, this escalation in disappearing wildlife is due to climate change. Recently, one of these Magical animals, thought by some to already have vanished, was spotted by noted conservationist, Li Weidong.

This exotic endangered animal is one you may never have heard of. It is called the Ili Pika and it is one of the most adorable creatures you will ever see.

Unfortunately, we may soon never see one again. Li and his volunteers are concerned that the end is near for the “Magic” rabbit, as they have nicknamed this lovable furry friend. It’s been 20 years since anyone had last seen a sign of the mysterious animal, which looks like a cross between a bunny and a child’s teddy bear. With the decline of resources available to many species across the globe, experts believe that animals like this one will not be able to sustain life. The question arises, is anyone doing anything to protect these most unique and fragile animals?

Weidong and his group are volunteering their time, energy and funds to seek protection for these Magic rabbits, but a handful of people fighting for the existence of an entire species, against powers much greater, seems to be a losing battle. Long-term sustainability can only be achieved when we begin to work together, balancing our efforts for the good of our own species with the responsibility we have to every other creature on earth. The idea is simple- how we effect even the smallest and helpless of life here, effects our own. Therefore, by making a unified effort to protect the weaker species of the world, we can ensure the longevity of our existence and create a future that is bright and full of life.
As for the Ili Pika, it is unclear whether they have a chance of rebuilding their dwindling numbers. The species was first discovered in 1983 in the Tian Shan Mountains, located in Central Asia. In the short time since the first records of the animal’s appearance, there has been little information gathered on this amazing creature’s behaviors or ecology. What is known, is that within the last 15 years of tracking these Magic rabbit’s, observers have recorded a 70 percent reduction in their numbers, dropping from the estimated 2,000 mature adults noted in the early 1990s.
Although there is currently no verifiable evidence to state that global warming is affecting the species’ numbers, research has shown that climate change is the most likely culprit of the mass decline. With that in mind, it is the human species that is accountable to the preservation of endangered wildlife around the world. We must work together to save the remaining Ili Pika and other animals like them, who are at the mercy of human concern.

More info: CNN (h/t: dailymail)

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