Interesting Animal Hybrids in Photoshop, will make you want one of these creatures


There are a lot of interning people put there who have a sick imagination. When I say a sick imagination, I mean in a good way. In this article for example your will have the opportunity to see some very interesting animal hybrids in photoshops, like you have never seen these creatures before. The reason i think these “new creatures” are interesting, is because the hybrid combination could not get any better. If you want to see how the animals of this planet will look like in the future, you might wanna take a look at this. Whoever did this, has a very special prospective, and imagination regarding the fauna. If you think these photoshopped creatures are interesting, then don’t hesitate to share these pictures with your friends.


1- Butterphant

2- CATMELEONCatmeleon

3- DUBBITDubbit

4- HIPPOPOTAMICE Hippopotamice

5- KOAOWLKoaowl

6- LABRADORCALabradorca

7- ORANGUPANDAOrangupanda

8- PENGUITENPenguitten

9- RACOWLRacowl

10- SEAREXSearex

11- THE GOLDEN CAMELThe Golden Camel

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