An Injured Dog Crawls In A Hole To Die. But I STILL Can’t Believe The End Is Possible.


Disclaimer: This video might be difficult to watch, especially for those who have weaker stomachs. But trust us when we tell you that viewing until the ending is well worth it.

The dog in this video was desperate and down on its luck. The pup had no more hope and he had lost the vast majority of his face, after it was eaten by maggots. When rescuers first arrived on the scene, they did not believe that the dog’s life could be saved. They had plans of putting him to sleep and putting an end to his undue suffering as soon as possible.

His name was Kalu and while his situation seemed dire, viewers who can remain present for the entirety of this amazing video will certainly be rewarded for their perseverance.
When the video begins, we see rescue workers doing their best to lift Kalu out of the hole that he now calls home and provide him with some much needed comfort.

Seeing this dog doing its best to continue living without a face is a truly heartbreaking moment. According to the rescue workers, this was one of the worst wounds that they had ever seen. But Kalu’s indomitable spirit forced them to reconsider the prospect of euthanasia and give him a much needed second chance.

First, a powder was applied to his face, so that all of the maggots could be killed off. Then Kalu was sedated and his wound was given a proper cleaning. His skull had been exposed to the elements for far too long and from the looks of it, his eyes were long gone.

Kalu was unable to eat until three days after his rescue. By day five, the first of many miracles happened when his left eye made an unexpected reappearance. The rescue team continued to work on Kalu and they spent three long months providing him with the medical care that he so desperately needed.

Viewers who did not close out the video will be rewarded for sticking around, as Kalu’s amazing transformation is unveiled. While we do not wish to ruin the surprise, it is safe to say that Kalu’s life would have turned out much, much differently had he not been found by this dedicated team of good Samaritans.

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