Incredible Video Captures A Mama Squirrel Saving Her Tiny Babies From Certain Death


Research has shown that, in recent times, tree trimming is one of the most dangerous professions in the United States. On a census conducted on Fatal Occupational Injuries, 1,285 deaths arising from tree trimming have been confirmed within the period of 1992 to 2007. The injured persons were mostly tree maintenance and tree care professionals. Also, reports from the association of the Tree Care Industry reported a total of over 47 tree care accidents in the year 2012 alone which involved Do-It-Yourself property owners who were not trained in the field, and 25 of the accidents were fatal.


The video below shows you a clear example of some of the risks to animals, however, this story is one of heroism and the power of motherhood as well.

On a bright and sunny day, a mother squirrel was watching over her tiny babies who were too small to walk or even move away from the nest. On the human side, landscapers were trimming some branches of palm trees when the unexpected happened. They accidentally knocked off a squirrel nest from the top of the palm tree. This nest contained the babies of the mother squirrel, and they were three in number. The landscapers were confused and didn’t want to hurt the babies and decided to carry the nest carefully down to the ground.

They succeeded in bringing the nest down safely and were put in another dilemma, what will they do with the squirrel babies? How can they guarantee their safety if left on the ground?

While they thought of what to do to help the small babies, the mother squirrel had it all planned out. She jumped into action immediately and went down to the nest to check on her babies. When she saw that they were safe, she began the next plan of action and like a well-trained military squirrel, she evacuated the first baby from the old nest by carrying it gently in her mouth. The baby squirrel was gently dropped at a safe spot and the mother squirrel hopped one for baby number 2. She went back to the nest and moved the second baby with her mouth and took it to safety.
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The third baby was also evacuated from the dilapidated nest to safety, but the struggle was not over yet. Mother squirrel still had to rebuild a nest for her babies; else they will be made into snacks for predators. She found a good spot at another palm tree, and the building project began almost immediately and in no time, the new home was ready, and the babies were safely relocated to their new home. She truly deserves a reward for her dedication to saving the lives of her children.

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