In Only 15 Seconds – She Shows A Secret Trick To Wrap A Gift Perfectly


This video shows you how to wrap a gift or package in 15 seconds flat! Fifteen seconds is for the first gift. The second gift has a much fancier look to it and takes more like ten minutes to wrap. This is a great little gift wrapping Hack and can save you plenty of time and money.
Watch this three and a half minute video to get some great ideas on making your gifts look great. The video shows you a quick way of getting this done. There is always a right way and a wrong way. Learn from this great little tutorial and you will be on your way to professional looking gift wrap.

The first package they show on this video is very simple to do. The technique looks to show the package turned at an angle and then it goes right together pretty fast. In only 15 seconds with a little practice you can do this professional look wrapping job. It shows the technique several times so you can catch on pretty fast.

The second gift wrap is more complicated and a lot fancier than the first one. It has a fantail look on one side of the package. The package also has some frilly multi-colored ribbons tied on to it. In the video they name this type, Japanese gift wrapping. Watch this video to learn this beautiful Japanese technique.

The Japanese style gift wrap really looks great and with practice is really effective in getting a professional look . The person demonstrating this technique starts with folding the design paper making it to look like a small Japanese fan. Watch this video to see how easy it can be to make a very fancy design to the wrapping. It really is a cool technique in the way they do this.

Both techniques show you how to accomplish this. The two packages demonstrated come out perfectly. One of the keys from watching this is to start with some nice looking wrapping paper. The second package has some nice details to really make it look special. Check out this great little tutorial and you will become a professional gift wrapper just like that.

This is a great Hack on wrapping up gifts. This can be very fast and effective way to wrap all your gifts. The Japanese style one really adds a lot of design, maybe you could create a spin off project from this. I could see coming up with some great creations based on this fan design.

Many new ideas pop up when you use these two basic designs. Watch this and see how easy it can be to get started. This video provides some great ideas for achieving many different styles of gift wrapping. Watch this and see what you can create.

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