In Her First THREE Words She’d Captured Their Hearts. When You Hear Her You’ll Know Why!


One would certainly have to have a heart of stone to not be completely and utterly charmed by little 9 year old Molly singing Kasey Chambers’ 2001 hit ‘Not Pretty Enough’. Clearly the judges of The Voice Kids Australia were bowled over by the pretty blonde child in the pink sundress. As soon as Molly sang her first line, we were won over.
Mel B. was the first to turn her chair, soon followed by the Madden brothers. Only Delta held out but you could tell she was having a hard time resisting the sweetly low-pitched rendition of what is already a song which tugs at one’s emotions. While Molly’s voice might not be as polished or powerful as some, no one can beat her when it comes to soulfulness!

From the wings, her parents big brother watched her sing her heart out, and all were clearly touched by the judge’s reaction to Molly’s terrific performance. Honestly, who wouldn’t be? Though young, she sang with a depth of feeling which is unusual in such a young performer. She easily won over not only the audience, but millions of viewers as well.

When asked why she wanted to be on The Voice, Molly simply said that she loved to sing, that it was her favorite thing to do, and that Kasey Chambers was her favorite artist.

Mel was quick to tempt Molly onto her team, though the Madden brothers did get the little girl to admit that Delta was her first choice. After a whispered conference with Delta however, Molly determined to pick Mel after all.

Watching the kid’s version of The Voice is especially fun, because who can resist cheering on talented and adorable contestants trying with all their might to make their dreams come true? Critics of the show have said that putting these children (aged 9-15) into the limelight before they’re mature enough is irresponsible, but thankfully, precautions have been taken to prevent the kids from undue harm.

These youngsters are being shielded from social media criticisms and commentary. The producers of the show, in conjunction with their parents, are actively protecting them by keeping them away from sites such as Twitter and public Facebook. They are being sheltered from negative online comments and are not allowed to sing suggestive or racy lyrics.

It looks like this show is doing things right by their young stars for a change, and it goes without saying that obnoxious stage parents are not tolerated on the set. This level of solicitude for the contestants allows us as viewers to watch The Voice Kids Australia without feeling any undue worry about their psychological well-being, and it allows the kids themselves to remain, for the most part, kids.

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