They Asked This Dog If She’s Stupid. Her Reply Is Totally Priceless!


How many pet owners are there who believe they know what their pet is thinking or believe they understand what their pet is trying to tell them? Usually the pet owner gleans these messages from the sad puppy dog eyes looking up at them, or from a vigorously wagging tail. Sometimes they think they can tell the difference between a happy whine and a sad whimper. Dog lovers often teach their dogs when they command them to, “Speak”. When the dog learns to bark after that command they call that talking. It is responding to a command at least, but it is far from talking. I am sure many children have spent time trying to teach their dog to talk and dreaming that it is possible.

This darling video shows us one dog, Mishka, who really did learn to speak! Watch this entertaining video and listen to a dog who really does sound like she is talking to her owner. Not only does she sound like she is saying words; the phrases she uses actually answer her owner’s questions and mimic the phrases her owner has said.

This is a one of a kind, can’t miss video. It only takes 23 seconds to see this entertaining video. Though the video is only 23 seconds long, it is long enough for Mishka’s owner to ask her five questions and encourage Mishka to reply to her five times. It is unbelievable how much it sounds like Mishka says, “I love you”, in one part of the recording. One wonders how the owner taught Mishka to do this; or if Mishka learned it on her own.

For the first part of the video, Mishka and her owner demonstrate a few queries and answers. The owner initiates the discussion and Mishka replies with a phrase that matches her owner’s phrase. The owner asks Mishka if she is a pretty girl; she repeats that question more than once. The owner lovingly says, “I love you”, to Mishka. Mishka replies in her mournful voice and sounds exactly like she is saying, “I love you”, right back to her owner! Mishka looks attentive and eager to please her owner during the show. Her tail is wagging and she is leaning towards her owner. She appears to really enjoy talking with the people in the video.

For the Grand Finale, the video shows the owner asking Miska if she is ugly. It seems like a mean question for a pet owner to ask a beloved pet. Watch the video to hear Mishka’s mournful reply that ends the cute performance.

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