If You Think Rice Krispies Treats Are Good, You’ve Gotta See THIS Version!


The Kellogg Company of Battle Creek introduced Rice Krispies to the world in 1928 and a decade later Rice Krispy Treats. Rice Krispy Treats have been satisfying children and adults alike all around the world following their invention in 1939 by Malitta Jenson and Mildrid Day. These ladies invented this confectionery delight as a fundraising treat for the Camp Fire Girls. At the time Jenson and Day were employees of the Kellogg Company’s Home Economics Department. Modern kitchens continue to explore new variations on the venerable theme of Rice Krispy Treats. In this article we explore how to make Heavenly Oreo and Cream Cookies. These cookies are made by simply substituting quarter-cut Oreo Cookies for the Rice Krispies. This treat has only three ingredients and it is very easy to make.

All you need to make Oreo and Cream Cookies is 1/3 pound of butter, a 500 gram package of Oreo Cookies, a pound of marshmallows. Either large or small marshmallows may be used.

Before you begin making the cookies place a sheet of plastic wrap over the bottom and sides of a 12 inch x 12 inch baking pan. Lightly cover the sides and bottom with butter or margarine.

Begin by placing the marshmallows and butter into a large, microwave-safe mixing bowl. Put the bowl into the microwave and heat in 30 seconds increments. After each 30 second increment test the combination to see if it can be easily stirred.

While the marshmallows and butter are being warmed up you can use a large knife or pair of scissors to to cut the Oreo cookies into four equally sized slices and place to the side.

When the butter-marshmallow mixture is easily stirred mix the two together with a large wooden mixing spoon. Then slowly add the Oreo cookie slices to the mixture. When all of the cookie slices are completely coated with the marshmallow and the contents of the bowl is a homogeneous combination then you are ready to put the heated mix into the baking pan.

With the bowl next to the pan use your wooden mixing spoon to scoop the cookie mix out of the bowl into the prepared baking pan. The bowl will still be hot so be sure to cover your holding hand with a cotton insulated cooking mitt. Wear a disposable plastic cooking glove on your scooping hand. As each scoop of cookie mix is dropped into the pan it needs to be patted down flat.

Allow the cookie mixture to cool in the baking pan as you wash the bowl and spoon. As the cookie mix cools it will stiffen. After about an hour you should cut the mix into squares. The cookie treat square will be very sticky, but the plastic wrap will allow the squares to be removed from the pan and arranged on a serving try.

The cookies and cream squares can be livened up by placing a mint leaf and raspberry on top.

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