If Your Pet Has One Of These Collars, Stop Everything And Take It Off Immediately.


It is only natural that we wish to keep our pets safe from any number of ailments that could potentially befall them. We provide them with a place to stay, a nice, warm bed and plenty of food, but what happens when the items that we purchase to help them with additional problems end up making them even sicker?


Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas can cause a multitude of issues for our beloved pets and that is why so many owners turn to flea collars. There are numerous home remedies that can be used to alleviate the problem, but flea collars tend to work best in most instances.


Except for poor Onyx. Onyx’s owner thought that she was doing the right thing and investing in her animal’s long term welfare by purchasing the Sergeant’s Dual Action Flea Collar. The beautiful black cat was simply never the same after this flea collar was applied.

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The collar was purchased in Lexington, Georgia, from a local pharmacy and while Onyx’s mother believed that the collar would offer her feline the help she needed, she was horrified at what happened next.


Onyx suffered immensely as a result of this particular flea collar and by the the time her mother realized that she was in need of immediate assistance, it was simply too late. Within a few days of putting on the collar, Onyx started to experience seizures and also became violently ill.


The cat eventually lost its sight completely and would fall into a state of total paralysis before dying. The grief stricken family was furious and demanded immediate answers from the manufacturer. But all the company could do was offer their condolences and they have yet to provide a reason for Onyx’s death.


Flea collars are often to blame for issues that pets experience, as many of them react badly to the chemicals that are contained within. Animals who are outfitted with flea collars often experience hair loss and blistering at the site of where the collar is applied.


Since these collars can make animals fall ill, it is important that we spread the word and let other pet owners know about the dangers, so that they can keep their animals safe. Onyx’s death will not be in vain and it is important to share this story with your friends and family who have been known to rely on flea collars to bolster their pet’s health.



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