I Was In Tears When I Saw What They Did To This Puppy’s Legs. Oh My…


In a sugar brutally hot field near New Orleans, this little pup named Tia was abandoned and left to die. When rescuers found her they could not believe how adorable she was. However as soon as she tried to walk, they knew there was much more neglect in her young lifetime.

Tia could not walk on her front paws. When she tried to the foot turned sideways and she walked on the side of her leg. Rescuers were afraid it would be too late to help Tia. They took her to a veterinarian and this time, the human in Tia’s life refused to give up on her.
They wrapped the front legs of the puppy and put each of them in brightly colored casts. It was hard for Tia to learn to walk on them, but the veterinarian explained that there was a small window of opportunity to correct the bones. Though she was clumsy in her cast, she was not in pain and she was adorable.

Much like a child, when a dog is very young their bones are softer. The space between the bones that was separated needed to be held straight so they would grow together properly. As Tia ages, her bones will harden. If they harden while separated, they could only be corrected with major surgery. No one wanted to see Tia go through that, So they comforted her and each other. They reminded each other that though Tia would stumble now, it would only be temporary and very soon she would be completely healed. It was a price worth paying.
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Tia’s prognosis is good. She is young and she will live. They will be able to find this cute little girl a forever home. Many pups are not so lucky. People are often so cold hearted that they will throw away a puppy and ignore the fact that they are living creatures. Tia would not have been able to travel far in her condition. She was deserted without food or water. Had the rescuers not found her in time she would surely have died a painful and lonely death. When Tia finds her new home, we are happy to believe she will never know that kind of fear again.

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