I Saw A Pink Elephant And No I Am Not Drunk


The funniest thing about the video is the look on the people’s face when they see the pink elephant. The looks range from eye-popping to jaw dropping disbelief. The attempts by the practical joke victims to get the female police person to look at the elephant are just to die for. The young woman must have the utmost self-control not to laugh at the people trying to get her to look at the elephant. The Breathalyzer bit is just too real. The victims are totally in disbelief that the cop is going to arrest them for being drunk and driving when all they did was see reality.The bit where the fat lady in the pink dress comes out and the cop sees this is just the kicker that tells the victims they are going straight to jail.

The video is hilarious on several levels. The looks on the victims faces as they proceed through seeing the elephant, being unable to get the lady cop to look, getting tested with a Breathalyzer, seeing the fat lady in the pink dress, and knowing they are going to jail for nothing are just so funny. The funniest thing about the video is how true it is about police behavior. Police cannot listen and do not have any level of belief in what other people say.

The people that made the video did it for a joke but they may have hit on something that will show the police and people just how strange that relations with the police have gotten in the last few years. The silly little video should be required police training. Seriously you are aware that you can change the color of thing without hurting them.

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