I Never Thought I’d Be Jealous Of A Laundry Room…Until I Saw What She Did To Hers!


If you walked into my laundry room today, you’d probably stand there wondering what the room is used for. From the cat’s litter box crawling on the floor to the cleaning supply storage center…, I guess sometimes I just say, “Hey, I don’t know what to do with this item so I will just let it sit here.” That’s why my closet is probably in complete disarray. Actually, I just go to the laundry room to do laundry so I never really care what else goes on there. If not for those big old washers and dryers, you’d laugh if I told you that clothes were indeed washed and dried there.
For a long time, I’ve considered the idea of giving the laundry room an upgrade, maybe a complete makeover. Even I who owns it feels it’s really bad to have it in the condition it currently is. I rarely allow visitors to get there because I don’t want to come out as so careless. But I also know that sooner or later someone will see it and I may regret it. However, every time I think about the makeover, I start to worry about the several hours I would have to dedicate to the process. Makeovers are also a bit pricey considering that you’ll need to buy several things and even get a remodel contractor to help. So, I usually end up throwing the idea out of the window without blinking.
However, after seeing the video below, I think I’m ready to proceed with the makeover. This thrifty mum who seems to have had a laundry-room worse than mine has really inspired me. She starts with a room you’d barely recognize a laundry room. Littered with all the garbage you can name, her laundry room was a big mess. Yet in eight simple steps, she turned it around completely. There is no doubt that she now has one of the best laundry rooms I’ve ever seen.

The best part of it is the entire upgrade cost her just $400! I mean $400! That’s the kind of money you spend on unnecessary grocery every week. But, Yes. For this mum, that kind of money is enough for complete laundry room remodel. So, I will be trying her tips soon. I know it may cost me a little more and I may never even get to the levels of her current laundry room. But even if I just get half of what she now has, I will be so happy! Believe me the DIY in this video is worth your time. If you’ve been struggling with your laundry room, watch it and you’ll come back to thank me. You can even download it for future inspiration.

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