I Never Knew That Munchkin Cats Were A Real Thing. And Now I’m Completely Obsessed.


Cats are generally happy and cuddly creatures, but when you see this specie of cats, you will have an obsession with them all over again.

In the cat world, it is a known fact that the munchkin cat breed is a celebrity of the highest order. When you see a munchkin cat moving around, you can easily tell that they are energetic and playful.

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Their short legs do no hinder them from playing on the furniture, even though they may not jump as high as every cat, they manage to get high enough. Munchkins are typically called magpies because of their love for shiny things which they hide and stock for later.

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So keep your jewelry away from this cute creatures as they may stock them in their hiding places.
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This adorable creature is the size of a medium sized cat and weighs about five to nine pounds. Aside from the short legs of the cat, it is a regular cat with normal coat and can live for as long as thirteen years.

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The munchkin cat has walnut shaped eyes with triangular ears, and it has these features because of a genetic mutation.


This mutation has also been said to be achondroplasia because of the characteristics of the enlarged head and short legs. The short and stubby legs of the cat are its most recognizable feature.

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Make no mistake, this leg size doesn’t impair the cat in any way. They can still play on the couch, jump on tables, stand up straight, play with toys, and love to be given attention.

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The Munchkin cat has been in existence for close to a century, but a lot of them were killed during world War two. They came back to the scene few decades ago and have since been celebrities in the cat world. Who wouldn’t love them, they are adorable after all.
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Munchkin cats have a sweet natured personality and are people oriented. They also love to go out and play with other cats. There were speculations that these adorable creatures will most likely develop spinal issues because it is commonly seen in most short legged cats.

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However, these cuties shocked breeders and have remained healthy. The oldest munchkin cat has been severally examined, and they are normal healthy kitties.


Wouldn’t you love to hold a Munchkin?


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