I Knew Christina Aguilera Could Sing, But I Had No Idea She Could Do This. Wow


Christina Aguilera played along with Jimmy Fallon as the talked about the new edition of the American reality television show – The Voice. Entertainment revealed that the vocalist participated in the game of music – Wheel of Musical Impressions with the host of the famous The Tonight Show, where it was recorded that she performed extraordinarily well beyond expectation.

The songstress excellently performed with all three songs she had encounter with, namely Cher’s song – “Folgers Coffee” Jingle, Britney Spears’ “This Little Piggy” and Shakira’s “Golden Girls” Theme. However it seemed as though the Blonde Beauty performed exceptionally better with Britney’s song – This Little Piggy. At first, who would have believed she would cross that line. Starting with extracted lines from Folgers Coffee Jingle by Cher, then to “This Little Piggy“by Britney Spears and finally with “Golden Girls” from Shakira, Aguilera ended up being just right if not perfect.

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It was obvious that both Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon were happening to share beautiful moments together. This kind of gaming activity seems to be well-liked and famous when celebrities share thrilling moments as they play along.

Both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears had shared both bitter and sweet moments together on Twitter. Little wonder, she could perform exceptionally well on Britney’s lines. It must have instilled an audacious influence locked up within her. Located just beside her, the blonde songstress got herself engaged in a short term duet with the host himself – Jimmy Fallon.

Held on the fateful Monday night on the 23rd of February, the crowd on the popular Tonight Show was thrilled with ecstasy as they watched and heard the music diva do her thing right on the Wheel of Musical Impressions. When she played the role of the three female music stars (Char, Britney Spears and Shakira), she mimicked their persona in such a way that it was difficult to tell the difference. Maybe Aguilera should possibly do some impartations on The Voice Show because her awesome display is no doubt exceptionally worthy.

Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation skills on music are of no doubt fabulous, however it is clear that he had had an encounter with his match when he came across Christina Aguilera that fateful Monday night’s Tonight Show. Aguilera may not be generally accepted when it comes to her own kind of music, but she was highly appreciated from the reaction of the crowd when she nailed it that night. The obvious perfection achieved by her that day creates wondering thoughts on the whole song selection process, because her exceptional performances came as though she had thoroughly practiced those lines. It is difficult to believe that such perfect impersonations can be just selected by chance. Nevertheless, the splendid performances exhibited by her have proven her to be a multitalented woman.

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