I Expected A “Normal” Dance Audition. But Watch When The Camera Zooms Out… WHOA!


The Guangdong Acrobatic Troupe of China has taken the internet by storm with their rendition of one of the scenes from Tchaikovsky’s ballet classic Swan Lake. Their style of pas de deux dancing is both beautiful and graceful. Their YouTube video has already spun more than 9 million views with more than 26 thousand likes at the time of this writing.

The video was created from the Guangdong Acrobatic duos past appearance on Le plus grand cabaret du monde a French television program that features different types of entertainment from the French production company Magic TV. The show is hosted by Patrick Sebastie; a well-known French television personality and former president of the French rugby team CA Brive, the show is very popular.

This particular style of ballet, pas de deux, which means step of two in French, is a classic form of ballet that most people are familiar seeing in ballets like Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, and of course Swan Lake. This particular act is from the third scene of Swan Lake known as the Black Swan.

The beauty of this dance is not in just the extreme graceful movements of the dancers but also in the admiration for the level of difficulty that this dance brings on. The female dancer balance and poignancy leaves you at the edge of your seat. The fear that she may fall creates the drama as the music crescendos and Wu-Zhengdan dances on Wei Baohua back and head you will be so astonished. Even those that hate the ballet will want to give a standing ovation at their performance.

The Guangdong Acrobatic troupe has been around since 1951. The group is known internationally and renowned throughout the world. They are managed by Wu Promotions which manages several other acrobatic troupes as well as orchestras and opera singers. They just finished another tour that was an adaptation of Tchaikovky’s Nutcracker ballet. The fusion of classic ballets with elaborate costumes, unique stage designs and settings as well as the artistic addition of acrobatics makes the group truly unique.

If you are wondering how Wu-Zhengdan and Wei Baohua fair off the stage they are actually a couple in real life; that explains how Wu can feel so trusting at times that Wei will not drop her as he balances her entire body at the palm of one hand. Wu 31 who weighs just under 100 pounds is a tiny little thing and it is understandable how Wei, 41 is able to balance her since he weighs just under 170 pounds. They both were born in the industrial city of Shenyang and frequently crossed paths at local sporting and gymnastic events in school but it wasn’t until they were frequently paired in many national and international gymnastic events that they took notice of each other in the 90’s. Only as a pair did they reach their highest level of greatness bringing home the gold at Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in 2002 and many awards since. Before then Wu was ready to throw in the towel thinking that she would never be able to reach greatness but now they have arrived.

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