I Could Never Get My Stove Grates Clean. Then He Showed Me This One Weird Trick. It Worked Perfectly


There’s a short 2-minute video that teaches you just how easy it is to clean the burners on your gas stove. There are no fancy products to buy. In fact, all you need is ammonia and a Ziploc bag. I couldn’t believe how easy it was when I saw it, and wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see the results for myself. The video makes it very easy to follow along and as soon as the video is done, you will want to go and clean your stove grates for yourself. This no longer has to be a time consuming chore to do. In just a few minutes, your stove can be looking brand new again.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Grab a plastic bag that zips closed. The gallon size works well for the burners. Place the burner inside.

2. Take a spray bottle that has ammonia inside and spray it all over the burner.

3. Zip the bag up and shake it around. You want to make sure ammonia is on all parts of the surface.

4. Allow the burner to sit upside down within the ammonia. Let it rest overnight or for at least several hours.

When you look in the bag in the morning, it will be a little gross. This is because the ammonia will be brown from all of the dirt and grime breaking down over the night. The brown is a good thing because it means wiping down the burner will be really easy.

Grab a coarse sponge and wipe all of the black stuff off of the stove grate. It sounds too easy, but it’s going to be what works.

Do you still have questions about how this works? Watch the video now so you can see all of the steps being carried out live. It’s so easy and the Ziploc bag trick is what makes this such a delight to follow through with. You can put each of your burners in a different bag. The trick is to make sure you have squirted enough ammonia for it to work. Don’t be shy about squirting a lot onto the grates.

Have you tried this trick for cleaning your stovetop? Share your experience with it!

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