The Husky Pups Are Going Down The Stairs, But Watch The One On The Right. LOL!


For whatever reason, watching dogs learn how to master staircases is an endless source of hilarity. Their boundless enthusiasm and commitment is a joy to watch and while some puppies get scared, most of them have to be saved from themselves.

The huskies that you’re about to meet in this clip do not have any fear in their hearts. If anything, they might be a little too eager to make their way down the stairs. But if you pay close attention to the beginning of the clip, you will see that one dog remains at the top of the stairs, looking fearful.
That dog’s siblings have no time to assuage those fears, though. Not when there are this many stairs to go down in such a short period of time. They take off as quick as they can and some viewers might even be worried that the dogs will end up hurting themselves.

While one of the huskies makes their way down the stairs with relative ease, the other is not so lucky. The pup on the right is clearly stumbling a bit, as he may have let his emotions get the better of him. He is like a snowball rolling down the hill at this point and watching him try to pump the brakes when he is already in motion will definitely have you laughing.

The dog starts to lose control as he reaches the bottom. The look on his face as he realizes this fact is totally priceless and well worth the time it will take time to watch this hysterical clip. We are lucky that these huskies’ parents thought to record this momentous occasions, so that we could all enjoy it in the comfort of our own homes.

Just be sure to remain tuned in until the very end, so that you get a chance to check out the huskies’ facial expressions once they’ve reached the bottom. The dog on the right will have you laughing, for sure. If you’re anything like us, you’ll catch yourself running the clip back again and again.

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