The Husky Puppy Is Arguing With Dad When All Of A Sudden… LOL!


The husky breed is known for their “talking.” If you have never heard it, you will want to check out this video immediately. This husky puppy seems to be quite the talker, and the owner isn’t enjoying not being able to get the last word in.

Children are known for talking back to their parents – and this husky is no exception to the rule. Every time the guy says something, the husky has something to say. The dog is quite talkative, too, yapping away and who knows what he is actually trying to say. You can tell that the owner is having a good time with the dog, with the volley of dialogue that the two are having.
You always want to have the last word, don’t you? The owner asks the dog this on more than one occasion, and it is so funny.

Everyone has had that child that never seems to know when to stop. They keep pushing and pushing until the parents finally crack. Even though the man is having a good time, he says a few good points. He points out that be dog is too young to have such an attitude, and while the dog probably has no idea what he is talking about, it makes for good viewing.

This video has received quite a lot of hits, and that is because everyone seems to be drawn to the husky breed and their talkative nature. The people who have huskies have even been known to sit their dogs in front of the computer just to let them listen to what other dogs have to say.

The ending? Well, the ending is the best. This is when the husky finally decides that he is going to talk back to his owner anymore. He puts his foot in his mouth, and everyone has a good laugh about it. Perhaps the most hysterical part of the whole video is that whoever is holding the camera cannot stop laughing.

Have you ever heard a husky try and talk like this before?
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Watch the video now and get a good laugh. At just over a minute, this is definitely a video that is worth watching, and then share on social media so that your friends can get the laugh, too.

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