Husband And Wife Married 67 Years, Do Everything Side By Side


Floyd and Violet Hartwig were married for 67 years. They have the kind of marriage that make us believe in true love. They had a fairytale romance from start to finish. They grew up in the same town. They met in grammar school. It wasn’t until Floyd was on leave from the Navy years later that they re-connected – and that’s when sparks flew. Donna Scharton, the couple’s daughter, retells the story of how her parents met, fell in love, and remained in love as they were married for 67 years. The couple was reunited at a dance hall and then they corresponded by letter as a way of staying in touch. They then married and went on to have 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren. They owned a ranch outside of where they both grew up. The daughter doesn’t remember how hardworking her parents were or anything like that. She remembers how they were always working side by side. They had a connection that was rarely seen with couples and that’s how the daughter was able to remember her parents. Floyd and Violet grew old together. Eventually, their health began to decline and Floyd only had more affection for Violet. Their bond grew stronger than ever. The daughter, Donna, remembers that Floyd’s concern was always on her, not himself. He would tell the doctors that he was okay but that his wife needed to be fixed.


When the last doctor visit came, Floyd had a blood test to show that he was in kidney failure. He was given just a short time to live and Violet’s health was failing just as rapidly. They were put on hospice at the same time.


They had made their wishes to family very clear. They wanted to die together and at home. That’s what they did. The hospital beds were pushed together by family members. Floyd and Violet’s hands were joined together. Floyd was the first one to go. He was holding onto the hand of his one true love. Violet died just five hours later.

This is a true story of undying love. The family says that they were blessed to be part of such a relationship and they were glad that it ended this way because it’s what they wanted. It was the only way it could end because for 67 years, they did everything side by side.

This is such a touching story and one that brought tears to my eyes as I looked at the couple’s photos and heard the story told by the daughter. One can only hope for such a marriage in their own life and the story is one that will live on with the family.

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