Hungry Orphan Kittens Walk Up To Humans Asking For Help…


Spending your days on mundane tasks can be a challenge, since it is hard to muster the same amount of energy, over and over and over and over again. Not only are these jobs tiring, but they can also feel incredibly pointless, since there are far rewards to be had, other than an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.


The father and son in this story were given one of the best surprises ever and it took place during the process of collecting equipment with which to open their brand new business.


The two were hard at work in the scrapyard, when their filthy, heavy work was interrupted by the presence of two cute kittens who had been following them.


One of the kittens stuck its head out from behind a piece of equipment, in need of help. The kittens were without a mother to care for them and ever since they lost her, they were struggling to feed themselves.


Just imagine what it must have been like for these kittens. They had to fend for themselves and no one wanted to help.


Once they saw the two men hard at work, they figured that they had finally found someone who was willing to help and as it turns out, these adorable kitties guessed right! They approached the working men in a friendly manner, even wrapping themselves around their feet, in search of a little tender loving care (and maybe some playtime?).


The men decided to make sure that the kittens were not owned by anyone else, so they contacted the person who owned the property where they were working to find out more information. The person would soon arrive on the scene and provide the kittens with a foster care situation until they could locate a forever home.


Unfortunately, the father and son did not have the financial wherewithal to take the kittens home themselves. But thanks to their amazing act of kindness, these little guys were able to receive a well deserved second chance, as opposed to living life in squalor on the streets.


If this beautiful post touched your heart (or made you reach for the Kleenex), then take a moment to spread the love. This father and son’s selfless actions ensured that these kittens would not be forced to live life without a home and they deserve special kudos for what they have done.

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