How to scramble eggs inside their shell


Most of us are used to making scrambled eggs the good old fashioned way. Grab a bowl, grab a whisk, crack the eggs on the sink or the counter and start mixing them up for the pan. But some people are not content with doing things the old fashioned way. As a result, new methods of accomplishing the same tasks that we are used to achieving are invented all of the time.
Even something as simple as scrambled eggs needs to be updated for the new generation. The next time you want to astonish your friends and family during the most important meal of the day, be sure to use this method of scrambling eggs while they are still inside of the shell. Watch their jaws drop as you challenge all of their preconceived notions about how breakfast is made.

First, you will need the eggs, obviously. Then you will need a plastic zip-close bag to wrap the eggs up in, as well as a shirt with sleeves on it. You must make sure that you have rubber bands or strings to tie tightly on the sleeve. It’s important to leave a four inch gap on either side of the egg.

After you have wound up the sleeve up, it’s time to pull hard. Wind and pull the sleeve in the same motion at least 15 times. Once you have done the movement 15 times, take the egg out of the sleeve and make sure it has been successfully scrambled. If not, this means you will need to spin it some more.

The best way to tell if your egg has been scrambled properly is to place it up against the light of your cellphone. When the egg requires more scrambling, the light will pass through the egg with ease. If the egg has been scrambled enough, less light passes through.

Fill a pot with water, do not turn the water on at a full boil, and let the eggs sit in the pot for 15 minutes. Once this part of the process is over, you can remove the eggs from the pot and slowly start to pick the shells off of them. If you have completed the process correctly, you should be looking at a golden egg. From there, it’s as easy at chopping up the golden eggs with a knife, then serving.

When you get tired of making eggs the same way day after day, the time has come to make a change. You don’t have to settle for the same old boring breakfast. By adopting this new technique, you can spice up breakfast and astound your friends and family at the same time. What could be better than that?

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