How This Pup Gets Down The Stairs Will Make Your Heart Stop Before You Aww Out Loud


Back in 2012, news broke out that looking at cute creatures in the middle of a work stretch may increase productivity. It was such a fad, that news outlets such as The Daily Mail, Huffington Post, and even CNBC, ran the news. But what more credible source of such a factoid than LiveScience? LiveScience also ran the news that looking at cute creatures may increase one’s productivity.

More than LiveScience’s vote of credibility for that, there’s actually psychological research based on the theory. There is a study published in the research journal PLOS ONE, entitled “The Power of Kawaii.” It was authored by Japanese researchers Michiko Fukushima, Hiroki Moriya, Hiroshi Nittono, and Akihiro Yano. Its subtitle states, “Viewing Cute Images Promotes Careful Behavior and Narrows Attentional Focus,” which means that people who look at cute things are more conscientious, focused, and responsible. The recipe for productivity! This actually might be the study where the news outfits got their information from.
The 2012 study references previous research that cuteness does, indeed affect human behavior. According to the other research references by the Japanese team, the productivity boost may be linked to how cuteness may activate the parental instinct in humans, causing a boost in focus.

Aside from the productivity boost, though, you have to admit, looking at cute baby animals is, simply, enjoyable. Catching a few moments of “squee” is definitely worth taking a couple of minutes off your work stretch.

This may also work perfectly with the Pomodoro Method. The Pomodoro Method is a productivity hack wherein the person at work times themselves to work for around 25 minutes, then catches a 5-minute break. Four cycles of these 25 minutes of work then 5 minutes of catching one’s breath, and you can then take a 30-minute break. In conjunction with the Pomodoro Method, you could watch cute baby animals like the critters in this video, or you could stretch, grab a coffee, or walk around the office. But we’re sure that the cute baby animals would be the more pleasurable break.

If you can’t get enough of these cute critters, you should strongly consider fostering animals. This way, you also get to help out kittens and puppies before they move on to their “furever homes.” Just make sure you read up on how to foster and take care of kittens and puppies, so that you’ll be able to take care of them in the best way.

You could also opt to foster adult cats and dogs, as these are the more common rescues. They’re no less cute! But, these are just suggestions, in the event that watching the cuties just isn’t enough. If you aren’t ready for the commitment and responsibility, watching cute baby animals online, just like this video, may be enough.

For now, though, enjoy the video, and hopefully have a focused, productive day! Don’t forget to share!

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