How This Adorable Puppy Wakes His Daddy Up, You’ll Be So Jealous!


This video may inspire major jealousy, since you will wish you had the same alarm clock that this father has. This unique wakeup call is going to turn your heart to mush, so don’t watch it during your next work meeting, unless you want all of your coworkers to hear your coos of approval.

The puppy we are about to meet in this clip is a complete and total marshmallow, the type of dog that we all wish that we had access to in our own lives. But this puppy is more than just a cute face and a warm body to cuddle at night. He is extremely useful to his owner and functions as a personal alarm clock!

If this father was going to sleep in and wait for the sun to rise, this little guy is having none of it! When it is time for Dad to wake up, it is time for Dad to wake up. No questions are asked and no excuses can be made.

Early risers will definitely appreciate this video and a morning viewing just might make your day, if not your week. The clip starts with a totally normal wake up and most of us can definitely relate to how this man feels as he begins to stir from his slumber.

But what begins as your normal, everyday wake up turns into a battle between this father and his little, fuzzy alarm clock. This snooze war is too cute for words and you will have to watch this video in its entirety to truly appreciate what is taking place.

While we certainly cannot speak openly about this man, we could definitely use this dog’s helpful wake up call service if he decides that he has had enough of it. This adorable puppy just wants his father to wake up so that they can start their day and how can you resist a face that is that cute?

Be sure to watch this touching video, so that you can appreciate the connection that has been built between this man and his puppy/alarm clock.

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