How Patrick Swayze And His Wife Brought Millions To Tears


Back in 1993 things were a little different. In the World Music Awards (WMA’s) for the first time in front of the whole world,- Patrick Swayze shared a dance with Lase Nieme, his wife, something that just blew away everyone’s mind. Not only because of the dance itself, but also because of the amazing connection one can feel between these two. They danced to the song “All the man that I need” and it was just amazing – even Whitney Houston loved it, as it was a salute to her own music.

This event occurred just a few years after the release of Dirty Dancing, and as such, Patrick Swayze was what was hot at the time. Everyone wanted to see him; everyone wanted a piece of him. So this dance was a pretty big deal in 1994, which just made it amazing. A lot of people also watched it back in 2009 when he passed away, which granted the clip power and emotions that were brought back by precious memories.

Just by watching this video you can tell true love exists, especially between Patrick and Lisa. Nowadays all we hear is that divorce is getting bigger and bigger, men and women keep on cheating on each other, lying, acting improperly and just being disrespectful to each other. It’s nice to see a reminder that true love exists and that we haven’t lost the humanity within, it’s just not being properly represented at the moment.

By the way they dance, by the way they connect with each other you can tell there is a bond that’s harder than diamond. Anyone could come and try to break it – good luck for them – it would be impossible. It wasn’t a secret at the time how much Patrick Swayze loved Lisa, and all of that showed in their 34 year marriage that went so smoothly ,it’s just like they were together facing the whole world, and it comes as no surprise that they did it – they faced it and were happy throughout their days.
The couple met in 1970 when Patrick was only 18 years old and Lisa was actually taking some dance lessons with Patrick’s mother. It’s a beautiful love story worth looking up; you’ll certainly start believing in true love once again. Forget about all of those divorce stories and marriages that simply couldn’t work out for every possible reason you just might hear, people might just give up too easily – focus on the ones that did really work.
If you watch the video you can actually notice Whitney Houston herself clapping wildly in the audience after the performance. That’s how amazing it is. Just make sure to watch it in order not to miss her amazing happiness with this performance.

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