How He Skinned His Watermelon Is So Easy You”ll Be Dying To Try It!


While fruits are certainly delicious, there are some which are much more easy to peel than others. Oranges and bananas are among the simpler peels out there and watermelons are usually considered to be more difficult. Even if you don’t consider watermelons to be hard to peel now, you will be amazed once you see the cool party trick in this video.

Mark Rober used to work as an engineer for NASA. He has since retired and now spends his time posting numerous food hacks that will have you shaking your head with amazement. His YouTube channel is called Creativity Design Science and is filled with fun tricks that viewers can emulate at home.

Rober made a recent discovery, a discovery that he felt inclined to share with all of us. He learned how to make it look as if he had skinned an entire watermelon. While this may seem impossible to some, NASA engineers certainly have a way of making the impossible look routine.

The trick starts off with two watermelons. Each of them should be a similar size and shape, to make this task easier. Rober starts off by making a series of shallow cuts and first time watermelon “skinners” should take a moment to watch this video closely, to ensure that they are making the correct cuts.

The skin from one watermelon is then completely shed, leaving no green rind behind. Then Mark trims off all of the edges, which gives the watermelon a much cleaner, more natural appearance. While many would have been happy with the watermelon’s appearance at that particular moment in time, Rober decided to continue working, so that the watermelon would look completely and totally smooth.

The manner in which he trims leaves zero evidence that any of his handiwork had taken place, which was his exact objective. He even thought ahead, grabbing brand new dish scrubbing pads, which allow him to sand off any edges that do not look perfect.

The toughest part of the trick is to create the smooth interior. From there, Rober cuts the second watermelon in half, which creates a fake rind exterior. If you wish to impress your guests even further, you can take apart the watermelon and put it back together. In order to learn more about how to execute this neat party trick, be sure to watch this video until its conclusion and follow Mark’s instructions to the letter.

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