How Does The Dog Always Escape The Pen? They Pretend To Close The Door And Record…


Everyone thinks that dogs and cats can’t be friends – but could they be partners in crime? Maddie the tiny chihuahua made an alliance with the cat in her home to help her escape from her pen. Watch as the two animals amazingly partner up to complete the perfect stunt to set Maddie free.

Maddie’s owners were downright stumped. Maddie was a tiny dog and her pen was well inclosed. So how was it that day after day Maddie was able to escape? She never could do it in front of her owners, so they decided to go on a secret mission of their own and catch Maddie red-handed. They hid a secret camera in the room with Maddie in her pen, and then left to let the escape unfold. They would soon learn the secret!
Watch as Maddie waits patiently for the cat of the household to come over to her once her owners have left the room. Maddie begins to fidget and make noise, just enough noise to set off the cat and make her want to come over and investigate. As the cat comes closer, Maddie ups her game and begins teasing the poor kitty, taunting her to come and chase her.

When the cat has had enough of Maddie’s shenanigans, she leaps up onto Maddie’s mesh pen, folding over the side with her front paws. The cat reaches for Maddie, but Maddie makes a quick lunge as the kitty has lowered her mesh pen just enough for her to jump over and make a dashing escape!

The cat, befuddled by Maddie’s escape, turns around and begins to chase Maddie through the house. Before you know it, both pets are up to no good and causing trouble once again. Running through the house, chasing each other, and rough housing around, Maddie and her kitty friend have done it again!

Maddie’s owners were surprised and highly entertained when they watched the footage on tape. They knew Maddie was getting help from someone, but they never expected it to be the cat! It must be time for Maddie to get a more secure pen.

The question remains as to whether or not Maddie and the cat caper are actually friends, but nevertheless Maddie was able to work the system for her benefit. She certainly is one smart pooch. Who knows what kind of tricks Maddie will come up with next?

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