How Cool Is THIS? She Drowns Her Nail In Rubbing Alcohol. Never Did I Think This Was The Reason


You have likely seen some of the new nail art trends. There are many people who are spending hundreds of dollars every month to have nail artists create incredible new looks. What if you could find a way to do it at home for next to nothing? This is what one person did. Within a one minute video, you can learn the secret behind dipping your finger into rubbing alcohol. Once you are done, you can get an impressive look to show off to your friends and family. You can keep the secret to yourself, or share the video with them.

This video has gone viral, and with no surprise. With just a few bottles of nail polish, rubbing alcohol, and a newspaper, you can have a gorgeous new design.
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The look is called “newspaper nails”. This is because you are using the design on the newspaper on your nails, so that you can get different words all over the nail, or even comics. It’s ideal for writers, journalists, students, and anyone who wants an artsy look to their nails.

Within the video, you will learn how to create the look within a few minutes.

Step one: apply a base coat to your nails as a way of protecting your natural nail.

Step two: apply grain nail polish as the first layer to be the background for the newspaper print.

Step three: dunk your nail into rubbing alcohol for approximately 5 seconds.

Step four: remove your nail and press a small piece of newspaper onto the nail. Hold it firmly for several seconds.

Step five: add a clear coat of nail polish.

How easy does this sound? Once you try it for yourself, you are sure to be impressed by the look. When you are in step four, you will see the ink print and how it has transferred to your nail. It provides a gorgeous, vintage look, and you can experiment with all sorts of different options. Try different sections of the newspaper, including color print. Some people have had amazing results with the comics.

This is your chance to get a great-looking set of nails, without having to do much at all. Depending upon what brand of nail polish you buy, this whole entire project may cost you under five dollars. Forget about going to the nail salon ever again. You can take control of what your nails look like, and have a look that many people would die for.

You can even get creative and use different colors of polish, and even use a toothpick in order to dot some other colors on just for effect.

Once you watch this video, you will want to try immediately. After you have succeeded, share the video with your friends!

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