How And Where They Found This Dog Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


There are two kinds of people in this world. There are people who love and people who have no soul. Charlie Bravo was unlucky enough to be owned by the later.

They could have taken him to the animal shelter, but they did not consider that option. They could have tried to find him a new home. Perhaps that was too much trouble.

Even though it would have been sad, they even could have dropped him off somewhere where someone might have saved his life. But what they did was beyond cruel.

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They took this beautiful animal out to the middle of nowhere, to a place where he was likely not to be found. Still locked in a plastic kennel, with no food, no water and no hope they left him locked up to die of dehydration or starvation.


It would be a horrible death. Like any other living creature, he would have panicked. He would have cried and tried to get help. Then his fear would turn to desperation while he tried to fight his way from his kennel.

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A father and son were out riding their motorcycles in the open country when they spotted a dog carrier. They got closer and saw the plastic had been chewed and torn by the helpless dog inside.


They opened the door and saw Charlie Bravo. He was weak and thin from who knows how many days of hunger and thirst. His back was bent from being cramped in the kennel and he could barely walk.

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They went back to get their truck and soon had the pooch with them. They gave him sips of water and bits of food and made their way home.


The first order of business was cleaning him up and checking him for injury. After a bath they filled his belly and allowed him to rest. The next few hours would include a visit to the veterinarian. He would survive with some care. They were willing to give him that chance.

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By the time Charlie Bravo was healthy enough to re-home they knew he would remain theirs forever. He was a loyal companion and the appreciation and love in his eyes showed he always would be.


Charlie Bravo is part of the family now. He is healthy and happy and loved. It was fate that brought these people to him; but it is love that allowed them to keep him.

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