How A Wild Fox Turns To A Domestic Dog


It is amazing to see how and a young fox of about a year old can so adapt rapidly and completely to the extent that he behaves domestically like a dog and absolutely imbibes the household culture common with domestic pets.

Todd is an 11-month-old red fox, who was retrieved as a young fox whelp when he was just 4 months old. Surprisingly this wild creature (by pedigree) is finely and excellently getting along domestic-wise with his handler, Emma D’Sylva. Of late, the natural attributes common with domestic pets are seen displayed by him. For instance, Todd can be leashed with a cord and be let about for a walk; he can be seen playing in the animalistic way with his owner and two domestic canine colleagues.
The most spectacular of all is that the red fox have learned how to wag its tail like a dog when partaking in a meal – an uncommon feature with fox. Todd was only 4 months old when he was adopted by Emma D’Sylva from poor handlers that couldn’t continue to nurture him properly.
This story may sound comical or outfabled, but the fact is that this naturally born wild dog now sees himself as a domesticated canine. In short, the fox now believes he was born to live with man as other dogs do.
The creature which was raised as a household pet by manager Emma D’Sylva, was tamed in the wake of being saved as a four-month-old Canidae offspring. From that point forward the adorable fox has grabbed various canine attributes, which include wagging of tail, playing with toys and actually strolling on a lead.
The 11-month-old creature goes hand in hand with Ms D’Sylva’s labradors namely Sky and Oakley on strolls. The sight of D’Sylva on a walk with a red fox through the neighborhood park always draws the attention of passers-by and fellow dog-walkers.
D’Sylva revealed that he sleeps in a constructed kernel like dogs do and plays with other dogs as if they were from the same parents – no racial difference attached. This might be because, he (Todd) has never been to or raised in the wild
The experience he obtained from Emma’s care at the age of 4 months must have deleted or made him forget all wildly characteristics and behaviors. As well as the daily social interaction he experiences with other dogs in her house. These must have contributed in making him what he is today. He loves to be tickled in the belly and be cuddled in the arms like other dogs. However, Emma narrates that she restricts him from having much pleasure like dogs because he is deaf and cannot be shouted at to return when he might be going astray. This is one of the major challenges she faces as his handler.

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