Hotel Cat Meets Two Brothers, Then Their Lives Change Forever


This story started off like so many others, with a beautiful European vacation. But what began as a run of the mill trip to Spain ended with a chance meeting between cats that would change their lives forever.

Two brothers found a stray cat at their hotel. While the hotel had found the cat and considered it to be a part of their extended family, they did not have the ability to take the animal in and provide them with a forever home.


The cat made tons of new friends, greeting each and every guest at the hotel and wandering the grounds each day in search of a meal (and a place to nap!). The hotel’s staff would provide him with food each day and everyone fell in love with the cat, because of his sweet natured temperament.


They even gave him a collar to wear, so that he would never be mistaken for a stray by the local animal control staff. But what this cat truly desired went deeper than food and shelter, he wanted someone who he could cuddle with every night.

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The two aforementioned brothers checked into this Spanish hotel and immediately took a major liking to the cat. They cuddled him, gave him plenty of head scratches and provided him with all the snacks a cat could ever want.


Once they took the cat out for a walk, they knew that there was no way they could return home without him. Once that fateful walk took place, the cat was by their side for the duration of their trip. Every tour that they took, the cat was faithfully in tow.

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The brothers did not want to ever be separated from their new pal. As a result, they decided to bring the friendly feline back home with them.


The hotel probably has more mice to deal with now, but they can rest easy, knowing that their beloved pal finally has a forever home that is all his own. He is now named Rufus and he never has to worry about saying goodbye to a new friend ever again.


This awesome story needs to be shared with your friends and family. Rufus’ ability to maintain a sweet nature in the face of adversity is a testament to his inner strength. By refusing to give up on himself, Rufus was finally able to achieve his dream and find a loving family to cuddle with.

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