Horse Falls Into A Watery Hole, How They Rescue Her Is Incredible!


Valle de Cauca is located just outside of the small town of Dagua. On the day that the aforementioned event occurred, the locals were going about their business. It was a normal, sleepy day in this mountain community, when the cries of a horse pierced the air and caused everyone to stop what they were doing at once.

The locals went to investigate the cause of these wails and what they found made their hearts sink. A horse had evidently fallen into a pit filled with water and the creature had no way to extricate itself. The horse had probably ventured to the watering hole for a cool drink and somehow fell in during the process.

Once the horse realized it was trapped in the hole, it began to panic, justifiably so. When the locals came upon the horse, it was thrashing about inside of the hole and the situation was growing more and more tense as time went on.

Unless the townspeople and the National Police (who were also quick to arrive at the watering hole) were able to act quickly, there would be little hope for the horse. If not for the swift actions of the concerned parties, the horse was in danger of becoming too tired to keep itself afloat and drowning.

This chilling video provides viewers with a closer look at what took place on this seemingly normal day in Colombia.

Just try and watch this thrilling rescue, without your heart beating a million miles a minute. It is impossible! These Colombians have some of the biggest hearts that we have ever seen and it is tough to envision what would’ve happened to this horse without their help. These selfless people could’ve easily injured themselves trying to help the poor horse and their ability to put their own safety to the side is inspiring. Be sure to share this amazing clip!

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