A Homeless Pit Bull Is Cornered In A Garage. You’ll Want To See What Happens Next… Oh My!


Hope for Paws got a call about a homeless pit bull which was living on the streets and wouldn’t let anyone touch her. They had previously been trying to get close to the pet for weeks, to no avail. The dog who was called Eden, wouldn’t allow anyone come close to her and would run away when sees anyone coming her way. They drove down to the area she was spotted at and stopped at a garage. The pet had been observed in the garage taking shelter.


The volunteers devised a plan to keep her contained. They prepared soccer nets which covered the entire garage just in case she tries to run away. The pet saw the volunteers and immediately jumped out of her hiding place in a bid to avoid them. She unwittingly jumped into the net and was entangled.

While she was entangled, they managed to hold her with the stick, but she became aggressive and started to bark loudly. She was so afraid and began to shake. The volunteers tried to pacify her, but she kept trying to attack them. The floor was slippery, and the dog, as well as one of the volunteers, fell down. As she struggled to get out of the net, she was entangled further, and she continued to bark. The volunteers decided to try again to pacify her by telling her that it’s okay. They tried to use a blanket to cover her, and she resisted them.

They decided to be slow in movement so that they don’t make her panic even more. They wanted to gain her trust, and so they came together where she could see them.
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In a short while, she began to calm down even though she was still afraid. They tried petting her with a cloth wrapped around a stick to calm her. Soon they could use their hands to pet her in the head. They helped her get out of the net and led her into a cage. She was then taken to the shelter, and she began to show how sweet she really was. In no time, Eden became a playful and happy pet, and she loved her giraffe toy. She was grateful that they saved her and gave her a better life. So she thanked them by showing them her amazing personality.


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