Homeless Man Saves A Stray Dog From Drowning In The Drain…


For the most part, homeless animals are typically overlooked. By and large, people are fine with looking the other way and pretending that homeless animals do not exist. It is easier than getting involved and trying to help. They are thought of as a nuisance and when they end up in bad situations, there are very few people who are willing to set aside their prejudices toward these creatures and help them.

However, there was one man in Colombia who was ready to make a difference in one animal’s life. He decided to go the extra mile to make sure that the dog in this video was returned to safety and did not turn his back when so many others would have. This troubled pooch managed to get himself stuck in a very awkward position and might have died without the help of this homeless man.

Since the man and the dog were both homeless, there is a very strong possibility that they empathized with one another. The incident took place in December of 2015, when the city hired a cleaning crew to take care of their sewers. While the cleaning crew was able to come and do their job in an efficient and timely fashion, they failed to put the sewer’s metal grates back into place.
Several cement planks were also left behind after the cleaning job had been completed. Unfortunately, these planks had gaps that were large enough for a person or an animal to fit in between and you can only imagine what happened next. The homeless man watched in horror as the dog fell into the sewer and he made the snap decision to follow the poor pup inside.
The dog owes its life to this man’s quick thinking and selfless actions. The man was able to save the dog from certain death, allowing him to shake off all of the nasty sewer water and rejoin one of his old pals, who had spent a fair amount of time waiting for him outside of the sewer. Now that’s loyalty!

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