Homeless Man Helps During Snowstorm, Expecting Nothing


It’s nice to see that people still do selfless good deeds from time to time. A homeless man took it upon himself to help out during a snowstorm. Pay it forward really works and Shelby Hudgens learned this for himself. He has been living out of his car ever since his house burned down. He doesn’t have much. He has a few belongings and Black Jack, his dog. He’s been surviving, as he told News 5. He said that things could be worse, which is a great outlook to have on life. A snowstorm hit in Colorado Springs and Hudgens found himself in the middle of it all. Cars were getting stuck, so he helped to push cars up a hill, covered in snow. His good deed was captured on the video and it quickly went viral. When the news crews arrived on the scene, he told them that he had been out pushing the cars for the past three hours. He said it was good to help. He wasn’t doing it for the recognition. Recognition is exactly what he received, however. Sarah Webster, a Colorado Springs resident, actually started a campaign on GoFundMe, which has raised more than $11,000. Another resident paid for him to stay in a local hotel for a few nights. The support continued to pour in. Hudgens did a follow up interview with the news station and the newscaster told him that he had received an email with a job offer for Hudgens.

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The man has expressed his gratitude online. He dreams of working in an assisted living facility and would like to become a certified medical assistant. He believes that everyone should lend a helping hand. It would make the world a better place – and he’s right.

There were many people who had a lot more to give and chose to do nothing during the snowstorm. He saw a need and decided that he could do something to help because it was the right thing to do. He didn’t do any of it to get anything out of the community, which is likely why the community decided to help out as much as he could.

Shelby Hudgens learned the valuable lesson of paying it forward. He paid it forward by helping out in the snow and he received more from the members of the community than he could have ever imagined. The chain of good deeds shouldn’t end there. It would be nice to see it go on and on. What makes the world a better place? Random acts of kindness, as Shelby Hudgens showed the community of Colorado Springs during one day in the snow.

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